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Mad Diet Supplements Online Shop.

I decided to become a sales rep for Mad Diet once i discovered the high quality of their products, and also their affordability, and also the fact that they have been offering a vital service through 2020 and beyond, offering daily updates on the orthomolecular science which has been suppressed and censored.

We all know the reason for that eh?

I highly recommend reading Suzanne's book, which has sold 10's of thousands of copies... You'll find it on the Mad Diet website.

Click on this link and it'll take you to the Mad Diet website, where you'll discover the high quality supplements they've produced, here in Scotland.


If you want a further 10% discount when you checkout, then be sure to select the "subscription discount" box..

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Practitioner Quality at an Affordable Price

The modern Western diet now lacks vital micronutrients that are essential for physical and mental well-being. Decades of intensive farming has depleted soils, studies show that fruit and veggies are less nutritious, and factory farmed meat and fish contain fewer micronutrients than they used to

Due to our demanding lifestyles millions of people now rely on nutrient deficient processed foods. We often struggle to find the time to cook fresh food from scratch, and even when we do, that food is often less nutritious than the food our grandparents ate.

Our diet has completely changed over the past few decades and it is having a profound impact on our physical and mental health!

The Mad Diet Big 4 range has been specially formulated by food scientists and nutritionists to support mental health and metabolism. Each Big 4 micronutrient has been scientifically assessed to support normal psychological function and can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Pharmaceutical companies that mass-produce drugs in huge chemical labs also churn out vitamin and mineral pills. Most of the brands on the high street are produced by big drug companies – even some of the so-called ethical brands we have grown to love and trust! These products often contain cheap fillers, and ingredients that have been classified as “possible human carcinogens” by the World Health Organisation.