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Touch The Present.... Holistic Services

An invitation to step back and discover a deeper sense of peace, once again.

Daily living can drag our mind and body into all sorts of distraction, but a deep peace is always there awaiting recognition... All we need to do is learn to slow down and rest deeply...

For many years i've been learning and using the following practises to help maintain a balance in my bodymind, for myself and also to share with others:


Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage & Hand Massage

Sacred Sound Attunements

Mindfulness & Mindful Movement

I offer a space in my own home for you to come and relax deeply for a few hours, which helps clarity to be known for the way ahead.... I'll share with you a grounding in mindfulness and you can then incorporate the practise in your daily life.

There is also the option of the session taking place in a beautiful therapy centre in Kirkcaldy... 

To make contact with me and ask any questions you may have then call me on 07762190385... Shorter sessions are also available if there's anything in particular you'd like to receive.

When we allow the body to relax deeply, then our inherrent capacity for healing is naturally activated.

For a 3 hour personal session, tailored to your needs then i ask for a fee of £60