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I'll be posting some really simple and straightforward recipes on this page, so as to offer a few ideas on how to incorporate some of the products i'm selling, into your diet.


I decided to move away from cows milk many years ago, for various reasons... You'll have your own reasons if you are thinking about exploring the other options available these days.

Out of all the nut & cereal milks that are easy to make at home, then i find this one to be the most straightforward and quickest, as there's no need to soak seeds or nuts overnight..

Here's how you make 500 ml of rich and creamy milk in a few minutes:

Put 2 tablespoons of Hulled Hemp Seeds and 2 tablespoons of organic Lucuma, in a blender with 500 ml of water... Spring water is always my preference.

Blend for about 1 minute... You'll have 500ml of milk to pour over your cereal or to use as a base for a smoothie, or to simply enjoy it , as it is...

You can also add a bit of vanilla before you blend...



I drink this every morning... You can modify the recipe of course.

Cut up half an organic apple and a handful of kale...

Chuck them in the blender and add 2 heaped teaspoons of Barleygrass Powder and a teaspoon of Maca Powder..

Add 1 tablespoon of tahini.

I soak a handful of Goji Berries overnight in 500 ml of spring water and add the Goji Berries and water to the blender...

Whizz it up for a minute and pour into a glass that has in it, a tablespoon of Sea Buckthorn juice...

You've just made a power packed smoothie to start your day...

You can also add Hemp Protein powder.

I like to keep my combinations as simple as possible though.


Mango Cheesecake

This is a delicious variation on the traditional cheesecake. There's no refined sugar or dairy in the recipe and it's so fulfilling i have it for breakfast when i make it.... It's really a lot more straightforward to make than you may think, so give it a go.

You'll get around 12 really good servings.

Here's what you'll need:

A blender

A 6 or 7 inch spring base baking tin... You know, one of those round cake tins where the bottom comes out..



Half a cup of almonds

Third of a cup of dessicated coconut

One and a half tablespoons of coconut flour

Third of a cup of raisins

Teaspoon of water


One cup of dried mango (rehydrate overnight before using)

One cup of cashews

Quarter cup of raw honey

One and a quarter cups of hot water

Quarter of a cup of melted coconut oil

Tablespoon of lemon juice.


Make the crust first by blending the almonds on their own and then adding all the other ingredients and blending until you have a nice blend.

Spoon this out and press firmly into the cake tin, and then put this in the fridge.

For the filling simply add all the ingredients together in your blender and give it a really good whizz.

Make sure you've rehydrated the mango in water overnight otherwise it aint going to work.

Pour this over the crust which has been in he fridge and smooth it out and place back in the fridge.

It will take around 6 hours to fully set, depending on the quality of your fridge... Be patient... It's worth the wait.

You can experiment with the topping by adding other fruits along with the mango and perhaps even some cacao powder... There's no limit to the experimentation.

This cake is a meal in itself.