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Over the course of the past several years i've been experimenting with various ingredients, so as to create wonderful chocolate, which is high in nutritional content and rich flavour.

My experiments and explorations have led me to sourcing beautiful single origin heritage cacao beans from a small jungle plantation in the Yapaterra region, within the Highlands of Peru.

The beans are fermented and then sundried, instead of being roasted to death.

The beans are then stoneground in Scotland and blended with fruit sugars, dried fruits, nuts and spices.

No dairy, refined sugar or soya, out with organic coconut palm sugar.

Every bar is handmade and wrapped in biodegradable cellophane.

This chocolate is deeply satisfying on all levels and really nourishing for the body.

I also offer a small variety of superfoods, which are part of my own diet, and i can make available for you.

I've been grinding my own bean paste and developing a really beautiful and rich couverture, which i'm now making available... This allows you to melt it down at home and instantaneously, you have a truly rich chocolate which you can mould into chocolate bars, or simply eat it as it is, by adding it to cereals, porridge etc.. It's packed full of natural and nutritious compounds from single origin heritage cacao beans.

I'm also a sales rep for Mad Diet vitamin and mineral supplements. Products which are made, using the finest ingredients, so as to offer the body the vital minerals and vitamins which are sorely lacking in our modern diet.

The majority of supplements on the market are manufactured using low grade ingredients, so you're basically wasting your money and you aren't obtaining the nutritional support you're needing.

The finest vitamin C in the world is manufactured here in Scotland, and that is the vitamin C which goes into each high dose capsule of Mad Diet supplements.

That's just one example... You will get comprehensive details of all the Mad Diet supplements on their website, through following this link: 


The founder of Mad Diet has also written an invaluable book called Mad Diet.