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Welcome To Raw, Wild & Conscious

Sourcing some of natures' finest offerings for the nourishment and wellbeing of the body.

I live in Scotland, and over the past 20 years, i've been learning, more and more, about the medicines that nature provides.

I say 'medicines' due to the fact that, to the best of my ability i live by Hippocrates' teaching 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.'

There are a whole host of herbs which have been used for centuries in these lands and you can consult books on herbal medicine, or indeed, you won't be too far from somebody who offers herbwalks around the country, so as to help you identify common herbs which can be incorporated into a holistic lifestyle.

That's how my interest began all those years ago, when i went on a herbwalk with a local herbalist and she identified several common plants, which up until that point, in my ignorance, had taken to be weeds. I was fascinated and inspired to discover their properties of nourishment and healing.

Stinging nettle, cleavers, hawthorn, elderflower, dandelion, comfrey and meadowsweet to name but a few.

The term 'superfoods' is quite a common buzzword these days, which i don't particularly like to use.

What is one persons' medicine can be another persons' poison at any given time, and for me, that's why there isn't any set prescription based on anything that we can consume.

But i'm sure we'll all be aware of the term and of the whole host of 'superfood supplements' which are available to buy these days.

I have a selection of them on this website for you to buy if you choose to do so.

I only stock things that i have used and continue to use in my everyday life.

A few years ago i initiated a quest to discover the 'superfoods' that grow in this land, as most of the ones i was buying came from other lands.

I remember my herbalist friend telling me that all the medicine you need will be found in the land where you are living... This resonated with me.

Before long i discovered Chaga and Sea Buckthorn.

Chaga is a polypore which grows mostly on birch trees up in the north of Scotland.

It has been reverred in Siberian and Scandinavian folk medicine for centuries.

I decided to go and find some, which turned into a real adventure as it is pretty rare. Only to be found growing on 1 in several thousand trees..

I only ever harvest small amounts as it has a long growing cycle... Several years to grow the size of a tennis ball.

This is a significant thing to take stock of, as there is the danger that people will take all that they find and endanger the preservation of this wonderful organism.

A small amount goes a long way.

You'll find a lot of detailed information on Chaga elsewhere, so i'll leave you to search on the web for that. If you want some then check in to see if i have any.

Sea buckthorn is a shrub which has been naturalised around the UK coastline, but especially up here in Scotland.

It is native to Himalayan regions, and has been reverred in Tibetan medicine for many centuries. My good friend Willow, is a botanist and she has been harvesting and bottling sea buckthorn in a way that is respectful and sustainable.

Once again, this is a substance that offers a lot from a small amount. More details can be found on her website. The link you will find in the product description on my shop page.

The main thing that led me to set up a webshop has been the raw chocolate bars which i've been making for a few years now, for my own enjoyment.

After feedback from friends, who i have been sharing the chocolate with, i decided it was the time to offer it to more people and play the game of distribution at another level.

The main ingredient of the chocolate is the raw bean paste, which i source from jungle farmers, who are growing cacao the natural way, free from hybridised trees and chemical sprays.

All the beans are hand peeled and sun dried and gently fermented so as to preserve all the natural goodness of cacao.

Absolutely every ingredient in these chocolate bars is of high nutritional content. No refined sugar or dairy products whatsoever.

It's been my quest to make a chocolate bar which is tasty and also highly nutritious.

Also... With this venture i'm motivated to channel a percentage of all profits back into ventures which i come to identify as being worthwhile to society and the environment.

As a starting point for this, then i'll be buying trees which yield fruits and nuts, and either donating them to community woodlands or planting them out in wild places for animals, birds and insects to feed on... Or a fortunate human who happens upon them, as i have over the years.